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Posted on 2012.08.23 at 21:33
Roadie, hope we'll be joining you there soon...your boys doing good so far ;o)! A little shaky maybe, from time to time...


Ever heard of Stuttgart21, anyone?

Posted on 2011.12.14 at 21:43
Current Mood: gloomygloomy
Who ever's interested in what happened in Stuttgart over the past years should have a look at this English site. Especially in the light of the imminent events that will (hopefully NOT!!) happen in January...

Thanks for reading and sharing!


Europa League...

Posted on 2011.11.03 at 20:42
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Current Music: TV
YAY, Roadie - after last weekend, this is definitely *something*, isn't it? Well, better not counting footballs before the final whistle, but this does look good!


In the light of recent events...

Posted on 2011.10.02 at 23:27
Current Mood: amusedamused
... I'd like to share with all you germanophones the following hymn to Germany's chancellery minister.

Posted on 2011.08.18 at 20:28
Roadie, sharing the thrill with you right now!
Best of luck, a great match and a complete victory!!

Posted on 2010.07.25 at 20:01
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: sports channel on TV
Another semi-final!! That's how it's done, ladies *beams*!!


high alpine

Posted on 2010.07.20 at 21:47
Current Location: living room
Just returned from a four days trip to Switzerland where I paid my brother a visit. Our parents joined us for one day, and we had a wonderful time at the Jungfraujoch (see below), surrounded by the myths Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. I had some problems with the heigth (3571 m) and felt a little dizzy after the slightest effort, like a little walk on the glacier or climbing some stairs. Funny, I've already been over 3000 m and never had any problems before...does this change with age *wonders*...

But I'm loaded with energy and impressions - time to tackle the rest of the week's working days :o)!



Posted on 2010.05.15 at 15:33
Heyho everyone,

just wanted to say good-bye for a week (because I've been posting so regularly lately you'll surely be all missing me horribly *grins*) - tomorrow, I'll be off to a hopefully wonderful week on my favourite Island Sylt, enjoying wind, sand and sea, probably some sun, too. Have a great time everyone wherever you may be, and we'll read each other soon!

Posted on 2010.02.22 at 20:54
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Current Music: olympia on TV
Just made myself a test package of a black tea called Snow Star...Assam with candied mango, candied papaya, cinnamon, ginger, orange and cardamom. Sounds yummie. Wonder whether it will deliver what it's promising...

Posted on 2010.02.08 at 13:06
So after the first match, what do you think about Elson, roadie? I only saw the rundown on DSF and that the decisive through ball right before you goal was his. Did you see more?

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